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The mission of the Tulsa World Gallery is to showcase Oklahoma's talented artists. From Harold "H." Holden to Greg Burns our gallery has celebrated many accomplished Oklahoman artists. The gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum.

Current Exhibit

Shifting Frontiers by Jason Cytacki
On display through September 6 in the Tulsa World Gallery

Shifting Frontiers consists of cowboy portraits and rugged western landscapes.

Cytacki’s work focuses “a critical eye on the much-romanticized period of the American Frontier and its continued place in the popular imagination. Epic western landscapes of the 19th century fed audiences’ desires for hope of an American Utopia, just as the heroic cowboys riding into the sunset from 1950s cinema lured a new audience into longing for a simpler time when there would always be a hero to save the day. While somewhat inaccurate and inflated, these iconic images have become deeply entwined with the American perception of self.”

The western landscapes are “derived from miniature dioramas made mostly of cardboard, which I have created and assembled to depict scenes directly referencing the utopian imagery of traditional assemblies with oil paint; I highlight the fabricated nature of these culturally constructed images, calling their ‘authenticity’ into question. This body of work stems from my interest in the tension between western art’s representation as both myth and reality, reflected in its often-ambiguous relationship with authenticity.”

Cytacki currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Painting at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

Upcoming Exhibits


CONNECTION - a collaborative exhibit with art represented from Inclusion in Art
Opening Reception • Thursday, September 18 • 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
On display through January 3

Inclusion in Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing racial and cultural diversity in Oklahoma's visual arts community, combines the vibrant, thought provoking artwork of Nathan Lee, Samia Allaw Dempsey, Behnaz Sohrabian, and Paul Medina in our newest exhibit, CONNECTION.

"The language of creativity has always inspired me as an artist and as a curator. Its connection to humanity is so absolute and immense that we sometimes fail to see it," said Nathan Lee, artist and curator.  "The idea of the different ways that art unifies us is the basis of CONNECTION. The artwork of CONNECTION speaks to one's soul, conscience, and to that very thing that is so hard to put a finger on; aesthetic intelligence."

The artwork for CONNECTION ranges from completely non-objective to work steeped in social commentary and introspective spiritual meditation.  It would seem that the diversity of the art in the exhibition could prove to be too open and unconnected. On the contrary, the vision of all of the artists of CONNECTION share a similar gift; the ability to make one feel.

The purity of what connects us as humans is what the artists explore and it is at the core of the work.